I am the only Female Accredited Gong Master in the East Midlands. I was trained by THE Grand Gong MASTER, Don Conreaux. 

I have the largest collection of Gongs within the East Midlands, 30 and counting!

So what exactly is a Gong Bath?

An immersion in sacred sound, a moment to deeply relax, to have your mind quietened and your spirit at peace.

The sounds created by the Gong wash over you as you lay warm and comfortable on the floor. Like ripples created from a pebble skipping over a pond, Gong Sound gently reverberates over, around and through your entire body to calm, relax and soothe.

Your heart rate slows, blood pressure lowers slightly and your breath is restored to its natural rhythm.

❣️Quality “YOU” time.❣️

A Gong Bath is a perfect reset button, removing your stress and anxieties, restoring a much-needed balance to your mind, body and spirit.

❣️Gongs need nothing but for you to be receptive in order to fully appreciate their gift, they must be experienced to be understood ❣️

Please bring with you everything you think you may need to be super comfy and warm while laying on the floor during your Gong Bath experience.

Some things that might be useful:

💥 Pillow 

💥 Yoga mat

💥 Folded single quilt- to lay on 

💥 Air bed (don't forget a pump!)

💥 Blanket/sleeping bag

💥 Thick woolly socks 

💥 Eye mask 

💥 Your favorite crystal 

💥 Water