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Coming to class - helpful hints if you're new to yoga

If you are new to yoga there’s probably a list of questions that are running through your head and if you read on hopefully I can answer some of them here.

What do I wear? Yoga is practiced in bare feet and it’s best to wear loose clothing or something that you are happy to bend and stretch in. Stretchy leggings or loose fitting trousers are good and an elasticated waist is perfect. Layers are useful, during relaxation the body can cool down so it’s nice to be able to put on something a little warmer at the end of class, your socks can go back on for this bit :-)

Can I eat and drink? Depending on the time of your class you might want to have something to eat beforehand. A light snack is great, but it’s best not to eat a heavy meal for up to two hours before coming to class. Please feel free to bring water with you, a water bottle is perfect and helps prevent any spillage. Water will be available in class if needed.

What happens in class? Classes will start with a brief centering just to try and switch off from the noise of every day goings on. Then we work through a physical practice of poses before finishing with some relaxation at the end. Please bring your own mat, any other equipment that’s needed will be provided. If it is your first time coming to yoga then I can bring a mat for you, just ask me if you need one.

We are all unique and your individual physical, mental and emotional circumstances will change every time you practice yoga. Remember that your version of a pose this week may be different to the one you did last week, depending on how you feel.

You may be in a class with a mixture of abilities and experience. It’s human nature but try not to compare how you are doing with anyone else, focus on your own practice and how your body feels.

As your teacher I am there to guide you through the practice. Only you know how your body feels so please ask questions and stop if something doesn’t feel right for you, especially if you feel any pain or discomfort.

I do like to provide hands-on adjustments if they are needed so please don’t be worried if I move around the room during class.

I’ve got a medical condition can I still come to class? Please let me know of any medical or other condition that may affect you in the class, even if you aren’t sure if it is relevant. If I know about it I can give you modifications to help you practice safely. Don’t forget to complete and hand in the medical questionnaire.

If you have any specific medical concerns you might want to seek the advice of your GP before coming to class. Yoga can be great for pregnancy but I would ask that if you are pregnant (or become pregnant) please let me know and I can suggest pregnancy yoga classes that would be more suitable for you.

I hope this helps, if you have any questions please do get in touch.

I hope to see you on the mat :-)


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