You might have a few questions? Hopefully you'll find the answers below or please get in touch if you would like to know more.


Each class (eg Wednesday @ 10, Thursday @ 6) will have a unique link so you will need to register individually for each class you would like to take part in. 

I will update the virtual classes page every month so you can always check there. I'll also send out an email to everyone with the links so you can register for each class for the coming month.

Once you've registered Zoom will automatically send you a confirmation email with the link that you should use to join the class. Please keep this email as you'll use the same link to join each week. If you register within 30 minutes of the class start time then you will go straight to join the class.

Please join your class at least 10 minutes before the start so that you have time to setup and make sure you are ready. It's a good idea to setup well in advance, put your screen on mute and turn off the video (both these actions can be done in Zoom). I will open the call 30 minutes early to give you time to do this. My video will be turned off until about 5 minutes before the start.

Once you're setup then you can get on with stuff and come back to your mat just before the start knowing you are ready to go - and your household chatter and comings and goings won't be shared with everyone else! 


You will need to download Zoom - if you've not used it before this will happen the first time you click on a link that I send you to access a class.

You can use either:

  • Desktop computer with a webcam and microphone.

  • Laptop computer with webcam and microphone - probably built into the laptop but you can also use an external one if you have them.

  • Tablet PC - iPad or similar

  • Smartphone

Yoga props

It's useful to have the following items for each class - we might not use them but it will save you having to disappear and find them midway through:

  • Blanket

  • Blocks - two or more

  • Brick - at least one

  • Bolster

  • Strap/belt

  • Eye pillow

  • Chair - dining chair type

If you don't have yoga props see the item below for things you will probably have at home that you can use instead.


You can setup your mat wherever you feel comfortable but it helps to remember the following:

  • make sure you have space around you to stretch out without knocking into anything

  • try to find somewhere you won't be disturbed

  • gather any props you might need so you have them nearby

  • if possible setup your zoom screen so that you can see yourself and your mat

  • it's nice to have natural light and to setup so that you are facing the main source of light


You might not have yoga props at home so here are some alternatives:

  • Towels - a large towel can be rolled to use as a bolster or folded to use as a block

  • Book - a thick book makes a good block or brick

  • Cushion - can be used as a bolster or block


If you have a Paypal account you can pay for your class here  Enter the amount you wish to pay, choose the option to pay for good and services and follow the instructions on screen.

Alternatively you can pay by bank transfer - email me for details if you need them. 

It's £8 per class if you want to drop in as and when you can, or you can buy a month's pass that gives you unlimited access to classes for that month. This price varies so please contact me for details.

Did you find the answer you were looking for? If you still have further questions then please get in touch.